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Sustainability at Informa Tech

Sustainability at Informa Tech has five key elements: people, communities, environment, customers, and governance. Being an ethical, sustainable business is central to how we behave, how we make decisions, and how we do business every day.

At Informa Tech, our evolution of producing sustainable events is fueled by insight, innovation, and collaboration. We are proud of our commitment to having a positive environmental and social impact on both the communities and industries we work within.

Sustainability Initiatives


  • GDC organizers have partnered with leading environmental groups to help reduce the carbon footprint of the conference. We're inviting attendees to participate by making a contribution during registration which will be directly donated to offset the impact of travel to the event on the environment.
  • Collaborating with venues and general service contractors to compile data on the waste produced by events and electricity used. Studying the data to determine improvements from year to year.
  • Printing as much signage as possible on recyclable materials.
  • Ordering multiple-use carpet.
  • Using Energy Star rated projectors, monitors, and speakers, using LED lighting and encouraging the use of LED lighting for booths.
  • Partnering with charitable organizations, and instituting wellness initiatives.
  • Replacing physical attendee bags with the paperless Digital Tote Bag?to reduce waste.

Sustainability at GDC

What are we doing:

  • 98% of carpet supplied by GES returned to inventory to be reused.
  • LED displays used in place of printed signage for all session rooms.
  • Eliminated 294,000 flyers with the introduction of the Digital Tote Bag
  • GDC partnered with 30+ scholarship organizations in addition to the annual Low Income Pass Lottery.
  • GDC diverted 54% of waste from landfills to recycling
  • Choosing partners who value sustainability, like Moscone Center and GES.




Connecting the Global Game Development Community

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