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Press Registration

Press registration for GDC Summer is by invitation only. Please note that prior GDC event attendance does not guarantee an invite to GDC Summer. For all press inquiries, please contact the GDC Press Team. For members of the press who are newer to the video game/tech beat and wish to receive an invitation to register for a press badge, please contact the GDC Press Team and be prepared to provide the following credentials:

  • Three editorial/published pieces that you have authored within the past year relevant to the video game industry, virtual reality, or a related game development topic
  • Your business card at the media outlet you are representing
  • An assignment letter on letterhead from your assigning editor/producer
  • For blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, and streamers: Third-party verification of the count of your monthly visitors, readers or viewers/listeners



Connecting the Global Game Development Community

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