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Learn how Mortal Kombat 11 uses leitmotiv to define characters at GDC Summer

A roster of compelling characters is a key component of fighting game design, and at?GDC Summer this August you'll have a rare chance to hear how the fighters in?NetherRealm's?award-winning?Mortal Kombat 11?were supported and defined by canny use of?leitmotiv.?

Leitmotiv is a form of melody that eschews complex, lyrical phrases in favor of simple motivic statements and unique, identifiable signature sounds, and?in a GDC Summer Audio track?talk on "A Bloody Symphony of Characters: Music and Leitmotiv in 'Mortal Kombat 11'" veteran composer Wilbert Roget will walk you through the process of?writing and developing these unique character themes.

Roget is an award-winning composer, and those who attend his virtual talk can expect to walk away with tips and?advice on effectively using leitmotivs in your own work. You'll also get a clear breakdown of the differences between leitmotivic and thematic melody, and learn the contextual advantages of diverse leitmotivs and signature sounds over thematic orchestral melodies when scoring for cinematic games.?

It promises to be a rare look at a unique and intriguing aspect of character design for games, so don't miss out -- register now for GDC Summer!

For more details on?GDC Summer, scheduled to take place virtually August 4th through the 6th,?visit the show's official website, or subscribe to regular updates via Facebook, Twitter, or RSS.




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