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Attend GDC for a behind-the-scenes peek at Baba Is You's unique design!

The unique design of 2019 hit?Baba Is You is key to its appeal: the rules of each puzzle are actually objects in the game, which the player must manipulate in order to solve the puzzle and win.?

It's a remarkable work of game design, and at?GDC in March you'll have a rare opportunity to see exactly how it works and why, courtesy of the game's creator!

In a special GDC 2020 Design track talk titled?"Reading the Rules of 'Baba Is You'" developer?Arvi Teikari?will show you exactly how the game's unique sentence-based rule system was implemented, and what kind of iterations and obstacles it went through over the development of the game.

Teikari intends to concentrate?on the technical aspects of turning physical items in the game world into sentences understood by the game logic, as well as building a data structure that supports this kind of functionality. This?talk will also reveal the realities of developing a complex puzzle game using a non-programming-based game creation tool and the lua scripting language. Don't miss out!

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