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Get inspired and grow your career at GDC!

Back for 2020 with significantly expanded access and available to all GDC pass holders, the GDC Meetings and Mentoring tool allows attendees to research opportunities and book meetings with peers and experts, including other attendees, prior to the event. Start checking it early and often, because new opportunities and contacts will continue to pour into GDC Connect from now through the start of the show. Discover more about each program below or contact us for more information.

Contact the GDC Connect Meetings and Mentoring Team:
E: [email protected]
T: +1 (415) 223-0944

GDC Connect Meetings

The GDC Connect Meeting tool allows attendees to identify, contact, and request and receive meetings in exhibitor booths or the GDC Connect Lounge with fellow attendees and exhibitors at GDC.

Learn more with the GDC Connect quick start guide, walkthrough video, or log into your account now.

GDC Mentoring

The GDC Mentoring program connects GDC attendees with seasoned game development professionals to gain invaluable guidance on a variety of topics through a range of one-on-one and Q&A session formats.

Watch the walkthrough video to learn more or log into your account now.




Connecting the Global Game Development Community

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