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Game Career Seminar

Friday, March 20, 2020

Learn how to build your career in the game industry at the Game Career Seminar. Attend interactive sessions, learn from industry experts, and meet HR reps from leading game companies in this full-day program designed for students and others interested in starting a game development career.?

To attend the Game Career Seminar and GDC Expo on Friday, Student Expo Passes can be purchased for $89 on-site on Friday, March 20, 2020 with a valid Student ID for attendees 18 and older.

View all 2019 sessions and check out Game Career Seminar highlights below.

Roads Less Traveled: Specialized Careers in Game Dev

Tara Brannigan (5CA), Jill Murray (Discoglobe Interactive, Inc), Jane Cocks (Independent), Jayde Marter (PikPok), Louie Roots (Bar SK), Johanna Pirker (Graz University of Technology), Sally Kellaway (Microsoft Mixed Reality at Work), Ammie Puckett (Naughty Dog), Angelo Alcid (Ludic Legal)

A Survival Guide for Game Developers

Richard Vogel (Certain Affinity)

Networking Etiquette for the Modern Games Industry Professional

Jarryd Huntley (Polytundra, LLC)

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Connecting the Global Game Development Community

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